Web Hosting


Ready to start developing?  Then it’s time to select a web hosting account.  The benefit of a web hosting account is that you get to skip all of the server administration and maintenance that you would normally have to do with your own on-premises server.  A hosting account let’s you get right to development and leave all those server maintenance headaches to the hosting company.

I can recommend a few web hosting solutions from my experience. Both of these providers have excellent speed and uptime and they quickly respond to support requests.  If you’re just getting started, the most practical service offering is a shared hosting plan from A2Hosting or Bluehost.  Compare the shared hosting plans to see which one best fits your needs.  Pay attention to the amount of websites allowed.  The lowest tier usually only offers a single website.  Being a developer, you’ll quickly outgrow that.  It’s not a huge issue considering you can easily upgrade to the next level shared hosting plan, but it might require a support ticket, which translates to time lost in development.

Another thing to note is the WordPress hosting offering.  If you plan to run WordPress sites (I have a bunch), you don’t need a WordPress hosting plan.  You can easily install WordPress on a Shared Hosting server for multiple different websites.  The WordPress hosting offering is meant to simplify things for you, but that means the hosting company is doing more work, which translates into a higher cost for the service.  That’s especially true for a managed WordPress hosting service because the hosting company is handling everything except the content. A little web development knowledgr goes a long way.

Whether you’re following along with my tutorials and projects or you have a dozen or so of your own live sites, the A2Hosting Drive plan or the Bluehost Plus plan should work just fine for these purposes.



I’ve been with A2Hosting since 2005. Their speeds and uptime are incredible and their support is top-notch. Plus they offer free SSL certificates. The A2 in A2Hosting is a tribute to their hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan. You can’t go wrong with this hosting provider.



BlueHost is one of the largest website hosting providers and they power millions of websites. The best thing about BlueHost is the amount of features they offer. You name it, they support it. There’s Python, Perl, PHP, eCommerce carts, free scripts, etc. Plus their hosting is extremely affordable.


On a related note…

Your hosting provider will require a domain name when you setup your account.  To save a few bucks you might think about registering a domain name at NameCheap and then pointing the DNS server entries to your hosting provider. Bluehost does offer a free domain name when you sign up for a hosting plan, but remember there will be a cost in years 2, 3 and beyond. NameCheap also honors excellent domain name renewal coupons so you can get discounted prices at checkout.  Remember to search for those prior to securing and reregistering your domain names.




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